Integration of the Image and NL-text Analysis/ Synthesis Systems

Integration of the Image and NL-text Analysis/Synthesis Systems Gennady K. Khakhalin Freelancer, Russia Sergey S. Kurbatov Research Centre of Electronic Computing Engineering (RCECE), Russia Xenia A. Naidenova Research Centre of Military Medical Academy (RCMMA), Russia Alex P. Lobzin Research Centre of Electronic Computing Engineering (RCECE), Russia ABSTRACT A complex combining multimodal intelligent systems is described. The complex consists of the following systems: image analyzer, image synthesizer, linguistic analyzer of NL-text, and synthesizer of NL-text and applied ontology. The ontology describes the knowledge common for these systems. The analyzers use the applied ontology language for describing the results of their work, and this language is input for the synthesizers. The language of semantic hypergraphs has been selected for ontological knowledge representation. It is an extension of semantic networks. Plane geometry (planimetry) has been selected as an applied domain of the complex. The complex’s systems and their interaction are described.

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